Sunday, November 10, 2013

Koko and the Treasure

Koko was a very playful dragon.
He liked to play every chance he got.
He also liked to explore.
Koko thought exploring was very important.
If Koko had his way, he would explore all day long.

One day Koko was exploring with his friend Timothy.
Timothy was a sailboat. He was kokos best friend.
Koko and Timothy found a deserted island.
"Hey maybe there's treasure" said Koko.
"Let's go find it!" Said Timothy

Koko and Timothy went around the island.
They didn't see any treasure anywhere.
They looked and looked until they found a stream.
So they traveled the stream to the middle of the island.
But they still didn't find any treasure.

Timothy and Koko were tired.
By this time they were also very sleepy.
Treasure hunting was much harder than it seemed.
They found a shady spot to rest in.
All of a sudden Koko saw something in the water.

"Hey look!" said Koko. Timothy looked down.
"Treasure!" they both shouted at once.


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