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Detective Jumpers and the case of the missing wallet

Professor Bimple was a big man. He didn't like plums or the color purple. He had a cat named Frumpy and he taught math at Little Town College.

One day as he was sitting in his orange chair, he heard Frumpy meow.

"Oooh, Frumpy! you must be hungry!" the Professor said. Let me get you some food.

Professor Bimple went to the cupboard and realized that he was out of cat food. He also saw that he was out of lemons and sandwich bags.

So he went to the grocery store to buy cat food, lemons and sandwich bags. He saw his friend Mrs. Turtledove buying some ice cream. She waved hello as he went to the front to pay. As he reached for his wallet, he realized that it was gone.

"Gone!" he exclaimed. "How could my wallet be gone?"

"Where did it go? "The clerk asked him.

"I have no idea" the professor said. "But I know someone who can find out for me."

Leaving his cat food, lemons and sandwich bags, he left the grocery store in search for Detective Jumpers.

Detective Jumpers was at home busy cleaning his glasses. He thought that everyone who needed glasses should take care of them magnificently. He liked things to be magnificent.

Professor Bimple burst in and shouted: "They've stolen my wallet! Thieves and vandals! You have to do something detective!"

The detective had been very organized in his glasses cleaning. He had taken them all apart and each piece was laid out on the table in a magnificent order. When the professor burst in, the Detective jumpers jumped out of his chair, and the whole table fell over, scattering the little pieces everywhere.

After the commotion had settled, Professor Bimple apologized.

"I am sorry Detective Jumpers, I didn't mean to make you jump! But they have stolen my wallet!"

The good detective looked around and then down at his glasses. Then from a pocket in his shirt, he pulled out another pair of glasses and put them on. You should always have a spare pair of glasses handy, just in case.

"Well then good Professor, we shall have to catch them! Quick! Get my Crime Kit!"

Now the famous Jumpers Crime Kit was magnificently large. Since Detective Jumpers was so thin, he usually had someone else carry it. It was a good thing that Professor Bimple was a big man.

Grabbing up the kit, the two of them returned to the grocery store.

By this time at the grocery store there was a long line. They were all waiting for Professor Bimple to pay for his cat food, lemons and sandwich bags. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief when they saw Detective Jumpers and his Crime Kit.

"Let us review what has happened" said the detective. "First of all... where were you when you realized that you didn't have your wallet?"

"Why I was right here!" said Professor Bimple.

"Aha!" said the Detective. And he reached into his Crime Kit and brought out a notebook and a pen. He wrote down:

Grocery Store - No Wallet

Mrs. Turtledove spoke up just then: "Yes, it's true! I saw him here!" She smiled, but then she noticed that her ice cream was melting and dripping into her shoe. She stopped smiling.

"Professor Bimple", the clerk asked, "Are you going to pay for your cat food, your lemons, and your sandwich bags?"

"Yes!" he exclaimed. "But first the Detective has to find my wallet!"


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